Medicare Bio Health and Future Health Biobank offer you the unique opportunity to preserve your child’s cord blood stem cells from birth onwards.

The blood within the umbilical cord contains your baby’s own unique stem cells. They form the building blocks for their blood and immune system.1 Cord blood stem cells may be preserved for later use in medical therapies, such as stem cell transplants or clinical trials of new stem cell therapies.2

The cord blood is collected immediately after baby’s birth by a trained healthcare professional and sent to Future Health Biobank for processing. The stem cells are extracted and can be stored for up to 25 years.

I More than 30,000 cord blood transplantations have been performed worldwide since 1988.3 Over the course of a lifetime, the probability of a person having a stem cell transplant is estimated at 1 in 200.4

Clients must contact Medicare Bio Health at least two months in advance to ensure the optimum availability of service.