+ What is Cord Blood?

+ What are stem cells?

+ Why are cord blood stem cells different and better than the other sources?

+ What diseases can be treated with stem cells today?

+ What will they be used for in the future?

+ What’s the likelihood of actually using the stem cells?

+ Are the stem cells just for my baby’s use?

+ What is HLA matching?

+ Why does the mother have to have blood tests as well?

+ When and how is cord blood collected?

+ Can I collect the cord blood myself?

+ Is there any risk to mother or child?

+ Does having a caesarean section affect the collection process?

+ What happens when the cord blood reaches the laboratory?

+ How are my baby’s stem cells stored?

+ What chances are there that the collection process does not work?

+ Who controls the use of the preserved stem cells?

+ How long can they be stored for and used for what they are intended?

+ What testing is performed on the cord blood in your laboratory?

+ What happens if there is a power failure at the storage facility? Will all my stem cells be lost?

+ What happens if Future Health go out of business?

+ What guarantees are there for us to have full legal claims on anything involved with our specimen?

+ Why Choose Medicare Bio Health?

+ Does my health insurance provider offer a contribution towards cord blood stem cell preservation?

+ When must I contact Medicare Bio Health?

Future Health BioBank are HTA Licensed and MHRA accredited and one of the world’s most advanced, private family stem cell storage facilities.