Medicare Bio Health and Future Health Biobank offer you the unique opportunity to store your child’s cord blood stem cells from birth onwards. Umbilical cord blood stem cell storage is where cord blood, which is rich in stem cells from the baby’s umbilical cord, is safely collected at birth. This is done using a collection kit and under stringent conditions, frozen and stored in purpose-built containers.

Medicare Bio Health is authorised by the Irish Medicines Board under the EU Tissues & Cells Directives of 2006 to provide the service of cord blood stem cell preservation to clients in the Republic of Ireland.

Future Health was the first private cord blood stem cell bank in the UK. They were also the first UK cord blood bank to receive full accreditation from the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and Human Tissue Authority (HTA).1

Aviva offer a contribution towards cord blood stem cell preservation to members.2

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2 Waiting periods may apply and mum must be a member. Available with certain Aviva plans, for more information contact Aviva on 1890 71 77 17